Who I am. Why I’m here.

This is not my first attempt at blogging, and knowing my incessant need to place all the thoughts, quotes, moments swimming around my mind in a tangible setting I am sure it will not be my last. However in the same breath, I would not consider my goal for this…website?…to be a blog in the sense it’s how-to guides and poorly edited streams of consciousness. Rather, I would simply like a place to have for my essays, articles, and writings.

At school, I write for a newspaper. In fact, I have been an amateur journalist for nearly five years now and it has quickly become my passion. So, when I do not have an assignment, or an ability to publish my work, my mind becomes overwhelmed. I mean I finally listened to Ultralight Beam and you’re going to tell me I can’t write about it somewhere for something??

This may all sound incredibly narcissistic; and honestly it completely is. Whether or not I am subconsciously expecting people to read and absorb my words, the fact that I feel the need to make them public hints at some deeply rooted issue.

The truth of the matter? Like most creative minds, I need some sort of feasible outlet where I can tangibly (as tangible as online publishing is) submit and store my thoughts. And if some people join along the way, that would be more success with this blog than I could ever fathom.

So in conclusion (ehhh I can feel my high school English teachers cringing), I like writing about music, theater, art, food, clothing, politics, life, being a big-sister/mom-figure, friendship, mental health, and photography (which depending on who you are, may be included with art).

As a disclaimer: while I hope to publish well-researched, thought-out writings, I am human and some entries may be diary like and just, for lack of a better word, random. I mean I am sitting in my Paul Frank pink pajama pants that are most likely three years old with my Bill Cipher (shouts to Gravity Falls fans!) plushy that I snuggle every night near.

But, I am still an adult human that dreams of working for the New York Times. Deal with it.

(That sounds super aggressive…my bad. Please stick around! I’m hoping to have some fun with this here site. I should also say I am not the girl in the photo, that’s my best friend Emily. I just really like the picture).


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